Impression is being impressive. It is well said,” you never get a second chance to make your first impression”.

I would say it’s true first impression is the last impression but most of the time we make mistake by judging others through the first impression. We actually don’t know what has happen in their lives and by just looking at them we interpret them wrong. Mostly when we meet people for the first time it feels they are arrogant and as we consider this true that first impression is the last impression so we believe that the person is actually arrogant. I personally believe first impression is nothing to know a person. Nobody can judge a person through a single meeting. It require a lot of meetings to know a person.

First impression is the last impression no doubt I have already said it is true but according to me that is just true for conducting some interviews for hiring employees. But people take this true for their life as well. They never give second chance to a person. They judge a person. I feel so sad for those who are so judgemental. If life can give second chance to a person to live than why a person cannot give a chance to other person to improve his impression. 

I personally think first impression is most of the time wrong. A person who is well dressed might make a good impression on you but a person who is not well dressed might be more skill full. Impression is made on the basis of dress code and looks. But I don’t think the criterion for impression should be so narrow. A person who is well dressed is given the chance for interview because his dressing made the good impression on the interviewers. He didn’t do anything to make his impression. So if dress code is impressive thing than only elites should be given the jobs as elites have the best dress code. They can make a good  first impression on the interviewers. Impression is basically taken in terms of looks. 

While when we talk about relation never judge a person on the basis of first impression. Infact I think a person should never be so much judgemental he should know only one thing no one in this entire world is useless. Infact handicaps many a time do great things so I think a person should never make decision on the basis of first impression.



What is life…..???

Nobody actually know the meaning of life. Life is not which we live for ourselves. Life is living for others. Living for others is life.

Everyone in this entire world lives for himself, nobody lives for others but when you live for others that is actually life. Your life doesn’t demand anything from you but have you ever thought what you have given to your life. If I think very deeply about it I don’t think I have given anything to my life. But with that I know I am quite young to give anything to my life but I can try to give something to my life. I can live for others and serve others so that my life could get that prestige.

If I am gonna serve people, they all gonna remember me when I am dead. When a person lives for others than his name is written in golden words and is always recalled when he is dead. Our great Prophet ( Peace Be Upon Him) lived his life for others he never hurt a single person. His ( Peace Be Upon Him) life is the best example of what is life. He lived for others, infact He always prayed for others specially His Ummah. 

And He ( Peace Be Upon Him) is remembered even after fourteen hundred years of his death.


I think daring is the word to which everyone is not familiar. Daring is basically doing something which you think you may not be able to do due to your personal reasons.Daring is doing those things which you are not capable of.

I several a times dared to do a lot of things but failed. With that  I never lost my hope. It’s just that if a person won’t dare to do something he’ll left behind in the race of success.

well said by Hellen Keller,

Life is daring adventure, or nothing at all.

so basically life of a person is not at all adventurous if the person is not daring.

I know many of my friends who once dared and are at top.

Sometimes it happens a person want to follow his dreams but he couldn’t dare to do so. According to me the person who does this is the most coward person in the whole world.

A girl who sacrificed everything…..

Few days back when I was travelling to Lahore I saw a girl at the signal and she was begging. I was shock to see that girl as she was my school mate. I asked driver to stop the car. I called her but she hided her face. Than I went to the girl because I knew I wasn’t wrong. When I saw her she was in a situation that she couldn’t be recognised. 

 I asked her that what was wrong with her but she didn’t tell anything. As much as I know she belonged to a rich family. I told her I was travelling to Lahore so I could drop her wherever she wishes to. But she didn’t agree. As I was getting late so I had to leave but at the moment I left her till I reached Lahore I was thinking about her.

There might have been some problems in her family due to which she was begging but if financial problems were there then begging was not the only solution, she might have done a job. I don’t think their would have been any financial problems in her family. There might have been some personal problem in her life. May be she was married to man who did this to her, who may have been responsible for her this problem or she might have sacrificed her life for anyone. But a girl who belonged to a rich family how can she be changed to a beggar.

Her eleder sister was in love with some boy and his father wanted her sister to marry another man she told us once to whom her sister loves was a bloody betrayal who sell girls. 

OMG!!!! So she might had married that betrayal to protect her sister because she used to say she will marry him and protect her sister and his father may had kicked her out and that man had sold her. All of his family members might have been hating her. Oh! Poor girl.